How to Bet College Basketball Teasers

Basketball teasers put the player in a position to win a lot of money. A person bets on one of the two teams. If their team wins they win. The player can also bet on a point spread. For example they can bet that their team is going to be up or down by a specific number of points. The spread for basketball can be 4 , 4.5, or 5 points.

When betting on a teaser a player can play a minimum of two teams and a maximum of ten teams. This will depend on who the wager is being placed with. Many sportbooks will limit the wager to six teams at a time. Be sure to check with the sportbook before making a bet to see how many teams they will allow for the teaser at one time.

The amount of money a better can win will depend on how much money they are willing to bet and the odds that they are betting on. Teasers usually have lower odds than other forms of betting. The more teams that a person bets on the more money they can win if their teams win and cover the point spreads.

College basketball teams use fewer points for the better and there are fewer options in which the point spread can be met. The odds will be a little different for players that are using four points, 4.5 points, and five points.

If a player is betting four point teasers and have two teams they are betting on their odds are 10/11. For three teams it moves to 9/5, four teams 3/1, five teams 9/2, and six teams 15/2. Since the chance of all six teams winning and covering the points is unlikely the better will win the most money if this happens.

There are different odds for 4.5 teasers. If a person is betting on two teams they will be at 10/12. This will change with the more teams that a person bets on. If a person is betting on three teams they have 8/5, four teams 5/2, five teams 4/1, and six teams is 7/1.

If a person is betting on five point teasers things change a little bit more. Betting on two teams will put a person at 10/13. There are also differences among the other teams that a person bets on. For three teams it goes to 7/5, four teams 2/1, five teams 7/2, and six teams 13/2.
Sports betters are still undecided if teasers are good to bet on. While betters seem to enjoy the same there are many different opinions on the subject. Some believe this bet is only for suckers while others feel it is a risk worth taking. If the games tend to fall within the point spread a person can win a nice amount of money on their college basketball bet. The more teams that a person bets on the harder it is to win. When they do win the payout will be worth it.