Odds to Win NBA MVP in 2016-17

The NBA season is about 25 games in through this point in December. The top projected contenders have held the reigns near the top of their conferences, while teams like the Utah Jazz, the New York Knicks and the Charlotte Hornets have surprised fans and analysts alike. Player performance has also stood out in a large fashion to round out the one-third of the season mark. Candidates for the MVP award are beginning to stake their claims or are solidifying their position among the league’s best. Below is a small list of players and their chances to win the MVP award come season’s end in 2016-17.

Two players have placed themselves at the top of the MVP discussion: Russell Westbrook and James Harden. Westbrook is averaging gaudy numbers that have translated into relatively sound team play for the Oklahoma City Thunder. Averaging just north of 31 points a game, 11 assists and nearly 11 rebounds, it is safe to say the MVP award is Westbrook’s to lose up to this point. His team has attained a winning record and remains relevant in the Western conference standings.

Former Oklahoma City Thunder teammate James Harden is also giving Russell all he can handle at the top. Harden features numbers just under Russell’s pace (28.1 PPG, 11.6 APG and 7.7 RPG) and has his Rockets playing slightly better ball through 25 contents this season. Harden was moved to the point guard position this off-season and the switch has allowed Harden to focus on key components of his game. While his scoring numbers are right around his career averages, his assist totals are climbing at an alarming amount. Continued sound play and a winning team to back his numbers will put Harden in fine contention for the award.

It is hard to mention perspective MVP candidates without featuring the name LeBron James. James has his team playing competitive ball and winning important early-season matchups each night. He is slightly under his career averages in points, but is +2 up in the assists category. James thrives off the ability of his team to function as one unit, meaning he doesn’t have to ‘do it all’ each time the team takes the court. As the season progresses, look for more teams to be a competitive test for the Cavaliers, which will in turn open the door for LeBron to shine.

A fourth player that is doing what he can with the team he’s on is Anthony Davis. His season averages (30.6 PPG, 11.4 RPG and 2.7 BLKPG) are all improvements upon his career averages. His points per contest averages are up by 9 points, which says a lot for a guy who has a team that lacks the performance and record for these statistics to remain relevant. One of the major indicators of an MVP candidate or winner is their team’s ability to win. Davis doesn’t have a strong enough case for the award due to team performance. If the Pelicans can pick up the pieces and string together some wins, Davis will be in contention for the award come the season’s end.

The season remains young, but these early projections will likely carry throughout the season barring the health of these individuals. We also could have a scenario which offers a duo receiving the award due to overall performance. Other contenders could sneak up, but the likelihood of anyone out-performing these four is not that great in theory or reality. The odds-on favorite to win it all at this point remains Russell Westbrook. Averaging a triple-double each time the team plays is not something you see everyday and Russell’s performance remains on a historic path.

Odds to Win the 2016-17 NCAA Tournament

The 2015-16 college basketball season surely did not disappoint, with plenty of storylines ultimately culminating with a national championship to somewhat of a Cinderella story team. Early season odds to win the national championship favor the more storied programs; however there are a small few that have an outside shot of staking a claim to the crown. Here are a few of the highlights of the current odds to win the 2017 NCAA tournament:

Duke Blue Devils

Current odds: 7-2

The Duke Blue Devils opened as the preseason favorite to claim the crown in the tournament this year, and their early season results has proved their promise coming out of the ACC. Coach Mike Krzyzewski will rely on perennial guard Grayson Allen to foster the second best recruiting class in the nation into a potential championship caliber team. Perhaps our best measuring stick of just how good this Duke team is will come when they hit the road to face North Carolina in their annual rivalry.

Kentucky Wildcats

Current odds: 8-1

There hasn’t been much to harp on with the Kentucky Wildcats in the early going, but that has become a common theme with John Calipari’s teams during his tenure. As the season goes on all of his young talent will develop at their own rate. Ultimately, it’s a matter of how fast that Calipari can have the Wildcats functioning as an elite team despite their incredible youth. To make matters even worse, this comes after losing both Jamal Murray and Tyler Ulis from last year, as well as a veteran in Marcus Lee. Look for rebounding and defense to be key to the Wildcats success once again.

North Carolina Tar Heels

Current odds: 15-1

Roy Williams’ club pretty much started as an outside shot to return to the national championship this year; however they have convinced many of their potential by their early results. The Tar Heels are returning some incredible talent in Kennedy Meeks and Isiah Hicks from a team that fell just short of raising the trophy at the Final Four last season. The combination of a solid recruiting class and returning veteran talent could prove to be the difference maker come the tournament.

Indiana Hoosiers

Current odds: 25-1

Although the departure of Yogi Ferrell will definitely hurt Tom Crean and his team this season, the Hoosiers are still stacked with talent and look destined to return to a minimum of a Sweet 16 appearance again this season. The Hoosiers continue to be one the more explosive offensive clubs in the country, and that allows them to hang around in any game. The difference maker for Crean and his team this season will be whether or not they can defend and rebound well enough to compete with some of the larger teams such as Kentucky and Kansas.

Michigan State Spartans

Current odds: 18-1

Despite an abundance of questions after their first handful of games in the season, the Michigan State Spartans simply cannot be counted out just yet. In reality, the Spartans shot themselves in the foot by crisscrossing the nation over the past two weeks playing some top competition, and their record may show their fatigue. However once Tom Izzo is able to get into Big 10 play, the Spartans will surely be looking like a championship contender again. Freshman guard Miles Bridges will look to lead the way with his incredible versatility.

2016-17 NBA Championship Odds

Although most analysts are chalking up another rematch between Cleveland and Golden State in the 2017 NBA Finals, there are still plenty of contenders who have an outside shot at the crown. The following are the most notable results of the oddshark preseason props to win the NBA title.

Golden State Warriors

Despite ultimately blowing a 3-1 to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2016 NBA Finals, the Golden State Warriors open as heavy favorites at -110 to win the title. This is primarily due to the well documented free agent acquisition of Kevin Durant during the offseason which added a fourth all-star to the starting lineup of the defending Western Conference Champions. Despite falling just short of achieving the greatest season in NBA season last year, I feel as if this season would be looked at as a failure if the Warriors fall short of anything than an NBA title. Despite missing a whole bunch of rebounding after losing Andrew Bogut and Harrison Barnes, there is simply too much firepower on this team not to cruise through the Western Conference playoffs once again. Although a potential rematch with Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers looms on the horizon, Durant may be the difference maker in a series that, if it happens, will be one for the ages.

Cleveland Cavaliers

Under very far circumstances are the defending NBA champions not one of the favorites that Vegas suggests to win the following year, and this is the case with the Cavaliers. Returning their core of Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love, and Lebron James, the world champions are currently offered at +300 to successfully defend their crown. Of course, this would most likely mean holding off the Warriors once again. However the Eastern Conference continues to be as weak as ever, with the biggest threat to Cleveland seemingly being the Toronto Raptors or the Atlanta Hawks, neither of which are near the same level in my opinion. Ultimately, the key to the season will be to ensure that everyone stays healthy for what appears to be another matchup with the Golden State Warriors in June. But until then, the Cavaliers will have to sit as second favorites until they get a chance to defend their crown.

Los Angeles Clippers

Off to the best start in the NBA so far, the Los Angeles Clippers have been a pleasant surprise to those who have watched the tandem of Chris Paul and Blake Griffin over the past couple of years. After facing significant questions about their potential to ever get over the hump and win an NBA championship in the offseason, the Clippers have seemingly responded with a newfound chip on their shoulder at the start of this year. Although currently listed at +750 to win the NBA title, the team has always been built to succeed with a roster that includes plenty of current and former All-Stars but have never been able to get over the hump. Perhaps their biggest challenge this season will be an eventual matchup with their northern California rivals who also acquired Kevin Durant in the offseason.

San Antonio Spurs

The Spurs don’t get old, they just reload. That seems to be the case once again with Gregg Popovich still at the helm in San Antonio. Despite losing Tim Duncan in the offseason, Kawhi Leonard looks to be teaming up nicely with Lamarcus Aldridge and company in order to contend for the Western Conference crown once more. The San Antonio Spurs are currently listed at +750 to take the title back to Texas.

How to Bet College Basketball Teasers

Basketball teasers put the player in a position to win a lot of money. A person bets on one of the two teams. If their team wins they win. The player can also bet on a point spread. For example they can bet that their team is going to be up or down by a specific number of points. The spread for basketball can be 4 , 4.5, or 5 points.

When betting on a teaser a player can play a minimum of two teams and a maximum of ten teams. This will depend on who the wager is being placed with. Many sportbooks will limit the wager to six teams at a time. Be sure to check with the sportbook before making a bet to see how many teams they will allow for the teaser at one time.

The amount of money a better can win will depend on how much money they are willing to bet and the odds that they are betting on. Teasers usually have lower odds than other forms of betting. The more teams that a person bets on the more money they can win if their teams win and cover the point spreads.

College basketball teams use fewer points for the better and there are fewer options in which the point spread can be met. The odds will be a little different for players that are using four points, 4.5 points, and five points.

If a player is betting four point teasers and have two teams they are betting on their odds are 10/11. For three teams it moves to 9/5, four teams 3/1, five teams 9/2, and six teams 15/2. Since the chance of all six teams winning and covering the points is unlikely the better will win the most money if this happens.

There are different odds for 4.5 teasers. If a person is betting on two teams they will be at 10/12. This will change with the more teams that a person bets on. If a person is betting on three teams they have 8/5, four teams 5/2, five teams 4/1, and six teams is 7/1.

If a person is betting on five point teasers things change a little bit more. Betting on two teams will put a person at 10/13. There are also differences among the other teams that a person bets on. For three teams it goes to 7/5, four teams 2/1, five teams 7/2, and six teams 13/2.
Sports betters are still undecided if teasers are good to bet on. While betters seem to enjoy the same there are many different opinions on the subject. Some believe this bet is only for suckers while others feel it is a risk worth taking. If the games tend to fall within the point spread a person can win a nice amount of money on their college basketball bet. The more teams that a person bets on the harder it is to win. When they do win the payout will be worth it.